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Room for just a Little bit moreRoom for Just a Little More by Beth Ehemann – B- At the end of the first two books, Kacie and Brody got engaged and this book takes us through to the wedding. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be something for fans of the series and is, effectively, an extended epilogue so we get a glimpse of the HEA.  Brody continues to be perfect and a wonderful father to the girls and earns many many brownie points and best fiance/husband ever points.  Kacie is contacted by her biological father and he’s a real piece of work, let me tell you. It’s difficult for me to understand a character who just walks away from his own daughter like that but my own husband has one just like him so I know they happen in real life. In fiction, it’s tempting to call them out as being without nuance but I know from my husband’s POV, there is little nuance to be had and it is Kacie and Brody telling this story after all.  They know what they see.  And what they see sucks.  I didn’t really approve of Brody going behind Kacie’s back but his heart was in the right place even if I disliked his methods.  That said, I can see it working for Kacie and Brody in a way it wouldn’t work for Kaetrin.   Brody does just enough not-quite-perfect stuff to retain his almost perfect status and feel somehow more believable because of it.  He’s still pretty perfect though.  I see on Goodreads that Viper is getting a book of his own so maybe we will see a bit of Brody and Kacie and the girls in that.  It’s a 100 pages novella which was entertaining and enjoyable but it’s very much an epilogue rather than a must-read.  I liked it for what it was and, to be honest, I don’t think it was trying to be anything else.

For $3, the series was an absolute winner for me.  It happened to be just what I was in the mood for and it was a whole lot of fun.  I don’t think I could read a steady diet of it – but I don’t think I could read a steady diet of anything.  This was relatively low conflict sweet sexy romance and it hit most of my sweet spots.


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