Review Policy & Contact

I buy many of my books but some I win or borrow from the library and others I receive for review, usually direct from the publisher or via NetGalley.  I generally refer to the provenance of individual books/audiobooks in my reviews. If it’s not mentioned, you’d be safe to assume I bought it.

Regardless of where I get the book, my reviews are always my honest opinion. In this age of social media and reader/blogger/author interaction, it is often the case I will have had some social contact with the authors of the books I review here. For the most part that interaction is very casual and does not affect my perception of a book or my review.  If the author is a friend, I will disclose it. Sometimes relationships change and what was the case at the time I wrote a review may be different later on. If I feel I can’t review fairly or if I feel there is a conflict of interest, I won’t review. If there is an apparent conflict of interest and it is not disclosed, that is because at the time the review was written any conflict was unknown or did not exist.  But, if there’s a review posted on this site, it’s what I really think, no matter who wrote the book and no matter what kind of social/parasocial relationship I have with the author.

If you’re a romance author and would like me to review your book, you can contact me via the form below or at Kaetrin67 AT gmail DOT com.

If you would like a review by a certain date, please let me know in the request. Otherwise, if I accept the book for consideration, I’ll review the book when I get to it (this could be a while. It could be never). Acceptance of your book does not guarantee a review.  Unsolicited books may not be read/reviewed.

Please note that if I review your book, the review will reflect what I actually think of it – so it might not be positive.  This is not a promotional/positive-only site.  Generally, I don’t write snarky reviews (haven’t the knack) and I (try to) keep the reviews all about the book, but I don’t pull my punches either. Just so you know. If you aren’t sure, have a look around at the reviews on the site and you’ll get a fair idea of what I mean. If you would like a link to the review once it’s up, let me know and I will send you an email when the time comes. I won’t send a link without a specific request.  Why? Because reviews are for readers.

My reviews, or links to them are also posted at Goodreads, as well as on Twitter,  Facebook and Tumblr.

Not every book I read will get a review/link here on the site.  Sometimes I may briefly review it only on Goodreads, for my personal edification.  These will usually be books I have purchased myself or borrowed.

I have decided not to participate in Blog Tours at this time (*unless I am a character in your book.  I do make exceptions for that).

I also review for  Dear Author and I review audiobooks for AudioGals. I post links here to those reviews.

If you have any queries about this policy please contact me.