Vote for me!!!!

So there’s this competition thing for Australia’s Best Blogs and there’s a People’s Choice part of the competition which closes on May 5, 2014. And, this blog right here is in it.  Click on the badge in this post (or on the sidebar) to vote for me!!!!  (if you want to).

There are nearly 900 blogs listed on the survey and you can vote for as many as you like but you can only vote once.  The blogs are listed in alphabetical order – mine is on page 2 but you have to go to the end of the survey to get to add your name/address/email and the “vote” button.

Happy April everyone! 😀


This ends the shameless self-promotion portion of the programme. Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.


6 comments on “Vote for me!!!!

  1. Vic

    Done. 🙂

  2. Kaetrin

    @Vic: Oh, aren’t you lovely! Thank you!

  3. Suzanne Noll


  4. Kat

    I was finally able to vote! I think they need to rethink the voting process for the people’s choice award. It’s…not the easiest form to fill out. I started out reading the entries so I could pick up any other romance-friendly blogs, and then I got tired and skipped through to yours and then submitted the thing. 😀

  5. Kaetrin

    @Kat: Thx for the vote Kat! 🙂 (and yes, it’s not an easy form to fill out – I had a look at it but didn’t actually vote because that felt… weird. LOL)

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