August Round Up

on Paper/eBook

YouMeltedMeYou Melted Me by Kari Gregg – C+  Cute free short about a guy who’s in love with the boss’s son at work. They’ve been seeing each other on the quiet for months and Brian is convinced Leland is the player he’s rumoured to be and there is only heartache in his future.  He’s been trying to break away, without success.  Leland has been promising he would tell his parents about their relationship once he makes sure that Brian won’t lose his job because of their relationship.  But can Leland be believed or is Brian just fooling himself?   The story is basically one sex scene (it’s only 13 pages) but there is character exposition in there.  Because it is so very short, there is necessarily a lot of telling not showing but the story was entertaining enough and just what I was in the mood for.  I didn’t love the numerous references to Brian or Leland feeling or behaving “like a girl” though.

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I’ll have a reviews of Cake by Lauren Dane and Uncommon Pleasure by Anne Calhoun up soon.


on Audio

Fall GuyLove with a chance of drowning

The Fall Guy by Liz Reinhardt, narrated by Alexandria Wilde and Sean Crisden – C I reviewed this New Adult audiobook for AudioGals.

Tempting the Player by J. Lynn, narrated by Kaleo Griffith – B-  Another I reviewed for AudioGals.

Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche, narrated by Candice Moll – B+  A delightful listen and another AudioGals review.

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I’m listening to Must Love Fangs by Jessica Sims, for AudioGals.





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