Celebrity in Death by JD Robb – a mini review

Why I read it:  The paperback was finally released locally for not a billion dollars, so I bought it a little while back.  Generally, even as much as I love the audiobooks, I prefer to read these books first and listen later on.  Also, I am caught up on the reading but behind on the listening…

A review in brief:  Anyway, in the context of the series, this is one of the more procedural ones and less angsty – which fits after the drama of New York to Dallas (which I actually listened to first…  yes, I know what I said but I reviewed it for Speaking of Audiobooks).   Eve and Roarke needed a bit of a breather from personal drama so there’s not much of it in this one.  They’re both being somewhat careful of each other in fact, but in a good way.  There are some special moments with McNab and Peabody which I loved and Nadine has a greater role (which only makes sense when you think about it).  My love of this series has evolved to enjoying all the many secondary characters as well as Eve and Roarke, so even one where there isn’t a lot of Eve/Roarke angst still satisfies.    

After I finished this one, I was compelled to read New York to Dallas (I think the angst might be better for me on paper – I can savor it). So, that’s next (once I get it back from my mother).

Favourite Quote: 
(here, Nadine is talking to Eve about the actor who plays Roarke in the movie)

“There’s one more reason I opted against sleeping with Julian.”

“He’s not like Roarke, but he gives the illusion of being a lot like him when he’s in the mode.  So the idea of sleeping with him felt disloyal – and just, well, icky.”
Eve started to laugh it off, then realised Nadine was perfectly serious.  “Really?”
“Yes, really.”
“All right, not completely understood, but appreciated anyway.”
“I hear he bangs like a turbohammer.”
“I thought you said he wasn’t like Roarke.” 

It’s passages like this which keep me coming back for more.       


Grade:  B

5 comments on “Celebrity in Death by JD Robb – a mini review

  1. Lori

    I love those little one-liners. Always so quick & on the money. I really should read From NY to Dallas. It's next in my Robb list. Wonder why I stopped reading them?

  2. Kaetrin

    @Lori – I don't know – why DID you stop reading them? NY2D has much Eve/Roarke angst with Roarke doing his alpha caretaking thing which makes me melt. I missed the secondary characters but still, a great books. I'm so biased about this series though. I just love it. Some of the books are better than others sure, but I'm nowhere near sick of it.

  3. Marg

    I am so far behind on this series. I need to get back to them. Like Lori, I have no idea why I stopped reading them.

  4. Kaetrin

    @Marg The thing about being behind on the series is that you can have a glom!

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