September Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

Head/upper body view of a shirtless hot bearded man embraces a fair-haired woman from behind on the beach.Suddenly Dating by Julia London, narrated by Cristina Panfilio – B+ I’ve been saving this audio for just the right time, when I needed a lift and wanted a new-to-me audiobook I was guaranteed to enjoy. It did not disappoint. I love Ms. Panfilio’s narrations. Something about her voice just works for me and is great at delivering humour and tone. Her narrations always add something to the text – the best thing about the medium IMO.

Lola Dunne is an aspiring author who takes an opportunity to spend a summer at a friend’s Lake Haven beach house on the downlow – the property is part of a bitter divorce feud and neither spouse is supposed to be using it. Lola’s friend Sara offers her the house, not knowing that her soon to be ex, Zach, has made the same offer to his friend, Harry Westbrook. Harry owns a fledgling construction business and he needs to sell his apartment to keep the business afloat.

Both Lola and Harry quickly realise that they’re better off making the most of their roommate situation and they slowly become friends and then more. I enjoyed their interactions. Even thought the book takes place across most of a summer, it felt like their relationship was a bit of a slow burn as they moved from suspicion and annoyance to genuine liking, attraction and love.

October Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

Suddenly in Love by Julia London, narrated by Cristina Panfilio – B+ I recently listened to Suddenly Engaged and loved loved loved it. I bought the other audiobooks in the series immediately because I had found a great new narrator and wanted more. Each book in the loosely linked Lake Haven series stands alone well so it hasn’t been a problem to listen out of order. Suddenly in Love is actually book 1. Mia Lassiter returns to East Beach near Lake Haven from New York, her dreams of being the next big thing in the art world having crumbled to dust. She’s broke and living with her parents and trying to work out what’s next. Taking a job with her aunt and uncle in their design business, she is spending time at Ross House, a lovely house with hideous decor which has just been purchased by Nancy Yates. Mia’s aunt is quoting for the refurbishment and Mia is helping with the task. She comes across what appears to be a bum (he’s unkempt and smelly) who turns out to be Nancy Yates’s son, Brennan.

Brennan is actually Everett Alden, an international rock star and the lead singer of the band Tuesday’s End. He’s at a similar crossroads to Mia, albeit he’s not broke. Mia’s straight talking helps him to sober up and have a shower and put on clean clothes – which results in a much-improved Brennan.

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