Ready & Willing by Cara McKenna

Why I read it: Cara McKenna writes very non-traditional romance – in fact, I gather it is only a gamble as to whether you’ll get a (hopeful or actual) HFN.  For that reason, I’ve been fairly careful about which books of her’s I read because I’m really in it for the HFN/HEA.  I’ve only read Willing Victim of hers before which ended on a hopeful note (her alter ego Meg Maguire writes romance with the requisite HEA). Plus, I picked this up for 60% off at Fictionwise recently, so really there was no risk!
What it’s about: Wow, what an interesting short story.   It’s told in first person from Abby’s POV.  She’s a single lady who has decided to have a child and isn’t interested in a sperm bank.  She wants to conceive the “natural” way but without a relationship messing with things. So, she advertises in the Boston Globe and interviews potential candidates who (after medical tests including sperm motility) agree to have sex with her (for a fee) and then sign away any parental rights if she falls pregnant.  
What worked for me:  She chooses 2 men – Noah and Rob – she doesn’t necessarily want to know the identity of the father.  It doesn’t sound all that sexy does it?  But, it is.  I really liked the way Ms. McKenna juxtaposed the encounters with Rob and with Noah to illustrate the different emotional relationships (for want of a better phrase) each “couple” had.  With only a few words, she somehow painted very clear pictures of all three characters.  I liked Noah quite a bit and appreciated that while he was accommodating and he was not wimpy.  Even Rob wasn’t entirely one dimensional. 
What didn’t: There was one particular sex scene which I found a little improbable on a number of levels but it was pretty darn hot.

What else: As a whole, I found the story strangely romantic (considering the plot) with a hopeful and appropriate (if somewhat simplistic) ending.  Sexy and unusual and well worth my time. If you’re after something short, different and hot, look no further.

Grade:  B+

2 comments on “Ready & Willing by Cara McKenna

  1. Mandi

    *gasp*This is a Cara McKenna book I haven't read!! How can that be?Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. Kaetrin

    @Mandi let me know what you think when you 'correct your error' 🙂

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