Sony Readers move Down Under. Colour me happy!!

I interrupt normal transmission to spread the love that Sony has finally (finally!) decided to sell and support their Readers in Australia.  Apparently, they will be for sale from around $229AUD for the Pocket and $299AUD for the Touch from Borders, Myer and other retailers.  Oh joy!!  Just look at that pretty pink one!  *sigh*  I already have a Sony PRS-700 and while I’m happy with it, the screen clarity can leave a bit to be desired. The Pearl eInk screens on the newer models are, I’m told, much better.  I can’t wait to test drive one in a shop and if they are as good as I hear, I’ll be picking up a new baby and keeping the old one around as a spare.

It appears it’s true, good things DO come to those who wait.

Thanks to Book Bee and Book Thingo for the heads up.

Ahh. Today’s a good day. Smiley

3 comments on “Sony Readers move Down Under. Colour me happy!!

  1. Marg

    The Sony readers are the ones that I have been waiting to be released here before deciding once and for all which e-reader I am goign to buy. I must admit that the extra $100 compared to the Kindle gives me a little bit of concern.I still haven't decided for sure which one I am going to go for. You sound as though you have been happy with your Sony up until now.

  2. Kaetrin

    @ Marg. I have been pretty happy with my Sony – the only thing that bothers me is that the screen clarity (ie, the difference in colour between the background and the words) isn't as great because of the touchscreen. I understand that the non touchscreen 505's are excellent and it's almost like black words on white background whereas the 700 is more like black words on a mid grey background which can be sometimes harder to read and I need a pretty bright reading light to read comfortably in my lounge. But, I think the newer editions will be better and that's what I want to check out.I'm not interested in the Kindle at all really. I don't like the proprietary format. I don't want to buy my books from Amazon – I like having the flexibility to buy from multiple vendors and I have worked out how to strip the DRM from pdf and epub files (for my personal use only) so that works well for me. All of my ebooks are in epub or pdf so a Kindle would be a waste I think. I know others have been really happy but I think I'll stick to the Sony.

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