January Round Up

Monthly (not so) Mini Review

pink illustrated cover, a white guy and girl sit on a green sofa The Roommate by Rosie Danan, narrated by Teddy Hamilton & Brittany Pressley – B+ 

It’s often the case that I find it easier to get to an audiobook on my TBL than a digital book on my TBR. My TBL is considerably smaller and I have not, fortunately, had the listening slump that has impacted my reading in the last few months. Teddy Hamilton is one of my favourite narrators and I’ve had good experience before with Brittany Pressley also so it was an easy choice to load this book onto my iPod and get it in my earholes.

Clara Wheaton moves from New York to LA, to share a house with her longtime crush and lifelong friend, Everett Bloom. She’s from a wealthy family and was raised to always do the right thing and avoid any scandals. It isn’t particularly well documented in the book, the there are allusions to a number of significant scandals associated with the male members of the Wheaton family which they sailed through just fine with big donations and the like but for Clara, she’s got to be perfect. Partly it’s to please her mother who has been disappointed by so many other people in the family and partly it’s because Clara is a people-pleaser. Mostly the former. But moving to LA has definitely shaken things up. She’s disappointed her mother and she’s operating with a clear plan (checklist for her new digs notwithstanding). This is finally her chance to get Everett to really notice her.

Except Everett announces that he’s going on tour with his band and he’s subject his room in the house out to a “nice guy from Craig’s List”. He doesn’t even accompany Clara into the house before he takes off for the summer.

Enter, Josh Conners, aka Josh Darling, the porn star who is her new housemate. He’s hot and charming, cocky and kind. They become friends and then, later, more.

July Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

picture of the bare upper back (kind of a side view) of a young woman with long dark hairThe Risk by Elle Kennedy, narrated by Teddy Hamilton & Virginia Rose – B+ I bought this on a Whispersync special a while ago. Teddy  Hamilton is one of my favourite male narrators and I’ve had some good experience with Virginia Rose before as well and $2.19 was a bargain I could not resist. Book 2 in Elle Kennedy’s Briar U series, which is in itself a spin-off of the Off Campus series set around the same college hockey team, The Risk tells the story of Brenna Jensen, the coach’s daughter and her secret relationship with star Harvard forward Jake Connelly. Jake and Brenna have smoking hot chemistry but it takes a while before they do more than smolder at each other – Briar and Harvard are deadly rivals on the ice and Brenna taking up with him is tantamount to treason. However, their chemistry cannot be denied, particularly when Jake may be able to help Brenna in her quest for an internship at Hockeynet, a cable TV channel devoted to all things hockey. Brenna is studying journalism (she wants to focus on sports) and is up against all sorts of misogyny in getting a chance. Jake agrees to help her out – one fake date in exchange for a real one and off we go.

The romance is great, very satisfying and very hot. I liked both Jake and Brenna. I especially loved how sex-positive they were with each other.

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