February Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

Protectingtheirmatepart1Protecting Their Mate (Part 1) by Mia Thorne – B-  (review copy provided via author) This is a very hot, very short read, coming in (heh) at around 30 pages.  Ashley is a 20 year old wolf shifter who has been kept away from the pack by her parents, to live only in the human world.  Every month it is increasingly difficult for her to manage the sexual craving she has at the full moon and her parents lock her away in the basement.  This month has been even worse and it has been four days and no-one has given her any food.

The local pack Alpha has sent his second, Blake, to find Ashley after hearing word she is being mistreated.  When he finds her, she is not only in serious need of his help (in a number of ways) he also finds that she is in mating heat. It appears she’s the only remaining female werewolf who can bear offspring.  This obviously makes her very important to the survival of the pack.

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