October Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

1001 Dark Nights standard cover - the pictures are in the 00 from 1001 - on the left is a stern bodyguard type and on the right is a guitarStrong by Kylie Scott – B- It’s been a very long time since I’ve read any of the Stage Dive books so I admit it took me a while to remember Martha and her history with the band but after a chapter or so it all came flooding back. Martha is Ben’s (the bass player’s) sister and former publicity assistant to the band as well as former girlfriend of David Ferris (hero from Lick). Martha was not a great person in Lick; she tried to split Ev and David up! (Boo! Hiss!)  However, it is nice to get see a different side of a character and for a “bitch” to get a HEA. Martha is still prickly; she hasn’t had a personality transplant, but she has matured in the years since she left Stage Dive’s employ and enough time has passed that she’s put away the hurt she felt over her failed relationship with David.

Sam, the bodyguard and head of Stage Dive’s security has had a thing for Martha for a decade. He’s a very patient man. But the time is now right. Martha has returned to the fold. She’s staying in Portland and looking after Ben and Lizzy’s toddler son, Gibson, while Lizzy attends college. The nanny gig is temporary but she needs to be away from New York and around family for a while. She was mugged and assaulted (not sexually) in New York and doesn’t feel safe there anymore.

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