April Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

man in leather jacket kissing the neck of a smiling woman with long light brown hair, with a backdrop of snowy mountainsTease Me, Baby by Katie Reus, narrated by Sophie Eastlake – B Katie Reus usually delivers a reliably entertaining story in novella length – although I’m more used to her romantic suspense books and this one is a straight contemporary. However, my confidence was not misplaced. Added to that, Sophie Eastlake narrates and she is excellent and always elevates a story for me.

Fallon O’Connor is the youngest of four siblings. Her three older brothers have all had distinguished military careers. Fallon has found it hard to settle into a career and feels she is the under-performer of the family. She has a business degree but she’s not really using it. She came back to Holly, her home town, the year before and has been doing some freelance baking. As the story begins, she is two weeks away from leaving for California and culinary school. She feels conflicted about going. Culinary school is not so much a long-held dream as something she thinks she ought to do to be a proper grown-up.

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