February Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

red ribbon with the end in a loveheart shape and a black and white photo of the head and upper torso of a handsome white man with fair hair and a neatly trimmed beardWrapped Up In You by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine, narrated by Wesley Paul – B I picked up this little novella (it only goes for 1 hour 17 minutes) in the Audible Plus catalogue when I searched to see what else Wesley Paul had narrated. He’s narrating a Kristen Ashley book I had my eye on and I wanted to try a sample before one-clicking. It’s a Valentine’s Day short featuring a gay couple who have been together for about 3 years. One half of the couple is Vaughan, an ER doctor and has also spent time overseas with Doctors Without Borders so he’s often away or working during holidays. But this time, to Carter’s delight, Vaughan has something special planned.

The story takes the listener over the course of the day and includes a few flashbacks to how they met, their first date, etc and leads up to a big romance (which I’m sure folks can probably guess but I won’t give it away here even so). It’s soft and fluffy, has no conflict at all and in that way is a perfect little bite if one is in the mood for those things (I was).

March Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

Christmas themed cover, with a white gay couple, one in a snowman sweater and Christmas mittens and a Santa had holding presents and the other in a black suit and white shirt, smiling fondly at the other manPresent Tense by Jordan Castillo Price – B  At only around 30 pages, this short story is a cute palate-cleanser and another fun entry in The ABCs of Spellcraft series. I don’t expect it will make any sense to those who have not read the earlier stories but for fans of the series (like me) it was a delightful little snippet. There’s no mystery to be solved in this one; it’s a short set at Christmas, focused on the last minute Christmas gift dilemma people who suddenly find out they are expected to give a gift to someone (when they didn’t know beforehand for good reason) and it has the usual quirky whimsical humour of the series. It was cute and sweet and I enjoyed checking in on Dixon and Yuri. It’s only 99c so those who have read the earlier books can pick this one up cheap.




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Our family is heading off on the Big UK Adventure, so no new blog posts until we get back in early August. I’ll be posting pics and chatting here and there on Twitter so I’ll still be around the place but I won’t have any time for reviewing and hardly any for reading.

Here is just one of the places we are going:

A long view of Tintagel Castle and surrounding countryside

Photo of Tintagel Castle, Cornwall, courtesy of Guiseppe Milo

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November Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

HolidaySparksHoliday Sparks by Shannon Stacey, narrated by Savannah Richards – B  I read this novella in the Naughty and Nice anthology when it first came out (scroll down a bit to see the brief reviews).  Sometimes when I can’t decide what to listen to next a novella length story is low risk – this one was only a couple hours long so the time investment was small. And, I had fond memories of the story.  Chloe Burke is a web designer who lives in Boston but has come back to her small Maine hometown ot housesit for her parents in the weeks before Christmas.  Electrical problems lead her to electrician and all round hotty, Scott Quinn. They went to school together but he looked a lot different then (he was a nerd).  Sparks fly (heh) and they start a fling.  The conflict is that Scott is embedded in his hometown and Chloe is going back to Boston.  Given Chloe’s job, it has a relatively easy resolution once they are committed to seeing if the relationship holds to its early promise and it is perfect for a novella length story. It’s sweet, sexy and low angst and I liked it very much.

I hadn’t heard Savannah Richards narrate before.  She had convincing deeper tones for Scott and generally a pleasant voice to listen to.  However, there was one thing which bothered me and it’s very much a “it’s not you it’s me” thing – articulating it is hard because it is an aural thing.  The best I can do is to say there is kind of a lowering of pitch and a kind of … trailing off at the end of many sentences.  It bugged me a bit.  I’m sure others won’t notice it at all and others who do, won’t mind it but it’s the sort of things that I hear straight off and, over time, it gets a bit like fingernails on a blackboard to me.  Fortunately, it’s a short novella so I didn’t have time for annoyance to truly set in.  Honestly, the rest of the narration was very good.  I think I’m just fussy.

I’m sure I bought this as a stand alone – but my records don’t tell me if it was a special release.  All I could find at Audible today was the entire anthology.


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