August Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

illustrated cover in teal and pink. In the foreground is a couple embracing. She has long brown hair and tanned skin and he has dark hair and tattoos. My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey – B+ Taylor Bassey is on vacation in Cape Cod with her beloved younger brother Jude. She’s been saving up for years for a special vacation and has decided now’s the time because her brother is struggling and she wants to cheer him up. Only, their fancy vacation rental contains suspicious peep holes looking into the main bedroom (ew). Oh, and also a corpse.  As it happens, the dead guy was the landlord. His sister’s boyfriend has an ex-cop current-bounty hunter friend and asks him to investigate the murder in addition to the police. Myles Sumner, big, tattooed and badass therefore comes to town. He’s not staying though. He’s been running for the past three years from what he considers to be a mess-up in his job. It led him to quit the force, ghost his family and live a nomadic life. 

Myles: meet Taylor.

Taylor, an elementary school teacher, has always considered she’s not very brave but after not totally freaking out when finding a dead body, she’s decided maybe that’s not true. And she takes an interest in the investigation too. Taylor, you see, is a big fan of true crime podcasts.

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