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moody bearded pale white guy with dark hair (with a reddish cast to it) before a backdrop of a bayouAlways Be My Banshee by Molly Harper, narrated by Amanda Ronconi & Jonathan Davis – B+ The overarching plotline of the Mystic Bayou rift is finally resolved in this book – but never fear – there are potential new storylines opened up too so (hopefully) there will be more books to come. Because there is such a strong through-story though, even though each book has a new couple and a HEA, I’d still recommend starting at the beginning with How To Date Your Dragon to get the most out of this book. I’ve loved all of them so I see this is a feature not a bug. Plus, the books are available on Audible Escape, so subscribers don’t have to pay anything extra to listen.

Brendan O’Connor, a banshee from Ireland, has come to Mystic Bayou, along with Cordelia Canton, a “touch-know” psychic, on special assignment from the League to investigate the mysterious box revealed in the previous book. Technically, Brendan is dead (or something similar at least) so he is able to touch the box without any ill effect. Cordelia has been avoiding touch from people for her entire life – she’s overwhelmed by emotions and memories when she does touch someone or something unexpected and it is with delight that she finds she can touch Brendan and only receive “white noise”. That is not why they get together. I was very happy it was made quite clear in the book that while there were things that made it easier for them to be together, what actually drew them to one another was a more emotional connection.

Zed is still probably my favourite character in the series and he has a large part to play in this book as he “adopts” Cordelia into his family. The series is so funny – with much of the humour coming from Zed and Bael and their banter but most especially Zed.

The narration was almost to the high standard I’ve come to expect from this pair – the hiccup was that Brendon, of course, has an Irish accent. Mr. Davis at one point accidentally gave Zed an Irish accent which was just weird but also from time to time, both narrators dropped Brendan’s accent. Both narrators are very capable of delivering the Irish accent – when it was present it was authentic. It’s just that the accent faded in and out during the performance – my impression was they kept forgetting/falling back into their standard accents by habit. Even so, I enjoyed the audiobook very much. It’s a great series on audio and I’m loving the world of Mystic Bayou. I sincerely hope there are more stories. At the least, I want to know what happens with Jillian’s “egg”!


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