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Actor Thomas Beaudoin (tall handsome dark-haired bearded white man) with his forehead resting against that of actress Rachel Melvin (a pretty brunette/redheaded white woman) amid gentle snowfall in a Christmas sceneThe Trouble With Mistletoe – a Passionflix Original movie – B (based on the novel by Jill Shalvis from her Heartbreaker Bay series) I recently signed up to Passionflix especially to watch Kristen Ashley’s The Will (loved it) but I was happy to get the chance to finally watch this movie too. I have the book on my TBR – I thought I’d read it but I haven’t. I had no trouble following the movie though which indicates the screen adaptation was fairly good. When I do read the book (someday!) I will naturally think of Rachel Melvin and Thomas Beaudoin as Willa and Keane regardless of their description in the book. There was one thing I did not get and which I still wonder about though – Keane and Willa briefly went to high school together. Keane stood her up at the Sadie Hawkins dance and, initially when grown-up Keane comes back into her adult life she’s very resentful and mistrustful (of course!). But it was never told to the view why Keane stood her up. Was there a reason? Was he just a jerk back then? I’m hoping the book has an explanation and I’m puzzled by there being none in the film (even if there wasn’t one in the book – it’s the kind of thing that would have annoyed me in print too).

The Trouble With Mistletoe is a bit more family friendly than The Will (there’s one scene where Keane’s butt is on screen briefly) although the semi-public roof sex was a surprise. It was nonetheless sweet and romantic and a bit sexy and I enjoyed it.

I was a little confused about Keane’s relationship with his great aunt and the subplot involving her but I put that down to a (fairly minor) issue with the screen adaptation. The novel is a full length one. No doubt there is more context around that relationship in it. Also, I didn’t quite understand Keane’s journey from committment-phobe to being all-in for Willa – again I anticipate the book has more detail.

The chemistry between the two leads was charming though and I was happy enough, enjoying the film a lot more than plenty of other, bigger budget mainstream romantic comedies. Plus there are dogs who get married. Dogs who get married!


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 Very edge of a the body and upper legs of a hot young white guy wearing only lacy boy shorts and holding a pair of pink boxer briefs from one upraised finger

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Native American woman with a large bite on the front of her exposed shoulder, from which smoke is pouring illustrated cover of brunette woman (back view) in a rowboat on a lake, looking towards snow-capped mountains in the distance

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2 comments on “March Round Up

  1. Marg

    Oh….Passionflix! This is new to me!

  2. Kaetrin

    It’s fun – there’s not a ton of content and of course, with the coronavirus they’re not making anything new now but it’s definitely worth signing up for a month and watching what they have. I really enjoyed The Will and The Trouble with Mistletoe was fun. I watched a Carly Phillips adaptation which was kind of hilarious as well – the baker in you will definitely have a laugh Marg!

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