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blurry picture of a woman's naked back, her head is slightly turned to the side and she's pulling her long dark hair over one shoulder, a rainbow-like outline is around the blurry imageThe Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson – B The Butterfly Effect isn’t a romance. It’s not even fiction. It’s a fascinating series of short podcasts bundled together and currently available from Audible for free. Documentarist Jon Ronson embarks upon a year-long study into the porn industry and the effects of a decision by a German man by the name of Fabian, to start streaming porn on the internet for free. While it’s about porn it’s not sexy or erotic (although due to the content it’s NSFW). It’s about what happened to the porn industry in the San Fernando Valley when Porn Hub, X Tube and the various other free porn streaming services began (they’re all owned by the same company, based in Montreal by the way) and ranges through topics such as bespoke porn, the subsequent boom in high quality sex dolls, the Ashley Madison hack and online piracy.

It began when Ronson had a revelation regarding how porn stars are commonly shunned in public but nonetheless craved in public; how people who work in the porn industry are regarded by consumers as commodities but not people. One quote which stuck with me was from a girl who likened not wanting to learn the names of the actors and actresses she watched performing porn in the same way one doesn’t name a deer one is planning to kill and eat. There was also the sad story of a guy who left the porn industry to become a nurse but then was pushed out of his job because online piracy meant his movies were all over the internet for free and people were recognising him at work. The whole thing runs about five hours but each episode is about 30 minutes. It’s well produced and interesting. Recommended for those looking for something a bit different.



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dark-haired, shirtless and very muscular man with tanned skin holding a black pit bull in his lap. The dog looks pretty content! Shirtless firefighter in turnout gear (from the waist down) holds a woman in jeans and long shirt up in the air, her hands on his shoulders.


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close up picture of a pretty red-haired woman, her face is on the right foreground of the cover and the background on the left shows an house with a green overlay as if through a green fog picture of the lower back of a muscular, trim, shirtless man in blue jeans with a brown belt - the top of his butt is featured in those jeans. In the foreground are some bread rolls on a wooden bench.

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Ride Rough by Laura Kaye, narrated by Abby Craden
Suddenly Engaged by Julia London, narrated by Cristina Panfilio
King of Clubs by Sandra Owens, narrated by Sebastian York & Amy McFadden
Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai, narrated by Summer Morton & Jeremy York

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Beauty Like the Night by Joanna Bourne
Cross Check by Kelly Jamieson
Dirty Deeds by Helenkay Dimon
Need You Now by Emma Douglas

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