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Yellow jagged/broken mirror? above a red New York skylineEchoes in Death by JD Robb, narrated by Susan Ericksen – B+ It took me quite a while to understand the title of the latest In Death book. (In fact, Roarke had to tell me what it meant before I got it.) The “echoes” are between the murders and violent crimes Eve Dallas investigates in the book and Eve’s own violent past. (There you go KM readers. Now you don’t have to wait for Roarke to make the connection. You’re welcome.)

Eve and Roarke are driving home after a social deal where Eve wears a sparkly dress, the dreaded facial goop and skyscraper high heels. It’s the early hours of a very cold winter morning and the couple are stunned to nearly run over a naked, bloody woman wandering down the middle of the street. It turns out she was raped and beaten by the man who killed her husband and thus begins the investigation the subject of the latest In Death installment. Perhaps I’m more sensitive and the earlier books were actually just as brutal but the last few have had some pretty difficult things to read or listen to. There is sexual violence in this book and it is fairly graphically described, albeit after the fact and not in the villains POV (so that’s something).  Anyway: all the trigger warnings.

As Eve builds a connection with the traumatised woman, she finds that two other couples were also tied up, beaten and the wife raped by the same man. And Daphne Strazza is not the last victim either. Others are viciously assaulted and die before the bad guy is caught.

The narration was, as usual, stellar. Susan Ericksen really owns the voicing of these characters. I can’t read an In Death book without hearing her voice anymore. Given how good she is at it, this is in no way a complaint.

In Echoes in Death, Roarke doesn’t spend a ridiculous amount of time doing police work, something I appreciated and, hallelujah, there was only minimal reference to his and Eve’s recent foray into redecorating their offices and bedroom. The romantic spark between the two is still strong; even with my cynicism about their new bed and the “mag” fit-out of Eve’s office, I still had a few “awww” moments at how well Roarke understands her and how well he takes care of her.



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