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exposed to youExposed to You by Beth Kery – B I read this on the recommendation of one of my Twitter friends (h/t Limecello).  I had been wanting to read it for a while so I was happy when I saw there was a copy in my local library. (It used to be pricey but I notice it’s only $4.99 at Kobo now which is much more my style.)

Joy Hightower is an artist with an uncle in the special effects business.  While helping him out on a movie set one day, she meets a gorgeous man and has a hot sexual encounter. They arrange to meet later but due to crossed wires, it doesn’t happen.  The gorgeous man is Everett Hughes, movie star and sister to Katie (the heroine of Addicted to You (scroll down for brief review). The day of the magical sex with Everett, Joy was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma and she spends the next 14 months in treatment and recovery.  Joy watched her mother die of cancer and wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone. Because of that, she distances herself from all of her former friends and even her beloved uncle, going so far as to move to Chicago from LA.

When Everett spots the woman who has haunted his dreams since he met her more than a year ago, he decides not to let her get away a second time (in a mainly non-stalkery way).  It is an erotic romance and so a lot of the “communication” is through sex.  Everett likes to restrain his sexual partners and there’s plenty of that too.  I like the way Kery writes sex scenes and I enjoyed the dynamic between Everett and Joy.

I’d have liked a little more of them falling in love through non-sexual means and their romance was a little fast for me, but I enjoyed the story and found it a great beach read.


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