Kaetrin’s Musings – Now on Facebook!

So, I’ve been blogging a bit more lately and I decided I wanted to do more stuff.  Lots of my favourite blogs have a Facebook page and I decided to make one too.  Also, learning about how to make things like blogs and FB pages is kind of fun even though there was a bit of swearing involved last night… ahem. Moving on!
My page is a bit Nigel-no-friends at present, only 2 people “like” me (and one of them is me! LOLOLOL).  I’d promise you a puppy if you “like” my page but I don’t think puppies do well with Australia Post so maybe I’ll just say, if you are on FB and are so inclined, please head here to like my page and make me feel the love and acclaim of Romance Stadium.
This is just a random pic I took when we went to the Flinders Ranges last year.
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