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Why I read it:  The author kindly provided a ARC for my enjoyment.  
Giveaway:  Because I was planning to buy the book, I’ve decided to buy an  e-copy for a commenter to celebrate the release of Tigerland on October 15 from Dreamspinner Press.  If the lucky winner hasn’t read Tigers & Devils, I’ll chuck in a copy of that too.  Giveaway ends 26 October and I’ll announce the randomly drawn winner the following week.  Please leave an email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win.  No email, no entry.
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What it’s about: (from Goodreads)  Sequel to Tigers and Devils

After an eventful and sometimes uncomfortably public courtship, Simon Murray and Declan Tyler settled into a comfortable life together. Now retired from the AFL, Declan works as a football commentator; Simon develops programs with queer content for a community television station.

Despite their public professional lives, Simon and Declan manage to keep their private life out of the spotlight. Their major concerns revolve around supporting their friends through infertility and relationship problems—until Greg Heyward, Declan’s ex-partner, outs himself in a transparent bid for attention.

Though Simon and Declan are furious with Greg and his media antics, they can’t agree on what to do about it. Declan insists they should maintain a dignified silence, but both he and Simon keep getting drawn into Heyward’s games. Simon and Declan will once again have to ride out the media storm before they can return their attention to what really matters: each other.

What worked for me (and what didn’t):  It’s always a bit nerve-wracking for me when a favourite author puts out a sequel to a beloved book. After all, what happens if I don’t like it?  Fortunately, I didn’t have to find out in this case.  Tigerland is fun, romantic and full of classic Simon Murray humour, although 5 years with Declan has softened him (just a little).  I don’t think Tigerland is quite as good as Tigers & Devils, but that is kind of like saying The Dark Knight Rises isn’t quite as good as The Dark Knight – I mean, nothing was going to live up to that and it would be unfair to even think it. I blame Heath Ledger. 

Tigerland picks up 3 years after the events in Tigers & Devils. Declan has retired after injury put an early end to his career (as captain of Essendon – go the Bombers!! (that was from my husband who bows down to the altar of James Hird – I quite understand, I have similar feelings, albeit for different reasons… ahem, moving on).  Declan has moved into the commentary box and even Simon has moved into television production in Community TV, with responsibility for 4 shows, including one called QueerSports. They are happy together, settled and waiting for the day when they can be legally married in Australia (aren’t we all guys, aren’t we all).  Simon’s relationship with his family has improved (not least due to Declan’s influence; they are all, apart from Simon, mad keen Essendon supporters and hello, Dec was their captain).  There might be a shrine in the Murray household.  Fran and Roger are happy together but Abe and Lisa are separated and Simon and Dec are hoping for them to reconcile.

Then Grey Heyward, Simon’s nemesis one of Simon’s nemeses from T&D decides to retire from football, come out as gay and reveal his previous relationship with Dec (possibly with intimate details) and the media shitstorm commences.

What nearly tore them apart in T&D was all the adverse media attention after Declan’s outing and neither Simon nor Dec are excited about going through it again.

It says something special about Simon that the main reason he detests Heyward is the damage he caused Dec – it’s nothing so simple as jealousy.

I hadn’t seen him in person since that night at the Brownlows, and only on television or the net since then, but his image was forever burned into my brain. Declan’s infamous ex, the one that had cheated on him and kept him even further in the closet and succeeded at being the only person who ever really made Dec feel shitty about himself… there he was, walking along the street like some character in a cartoon, musical notes flying out of his mouth as he whistled merrily to himself without a care in the world.

One of my “fears” when diving into the book was whether Simon and Dec would split up during the course of it – could I cope if my favourite Australian gay couple broke up, even if only for a little while (Sean Kennedy knows the romance contract – I trust him not to break it, but still)?  I’m pleased to say they don’t.  (I hope that’s not too spoilery – I checked with a friend and she thought not, so blame her not me! – this, in football parlance is called “the handball“).  There is tension in their relationship.  It is tested and strained, but never broken.  And that made me very happy.  But, it also meant that, to some degree it was less satisfying than T&D because the conflict was a little familiar and wasn’t as significant.   It’s not just me who thinks so.  As Simon himself says:

“…But a lot of shit was said about you and me both when you were outed, and we survived that. This is nothing in comparison.”

(Simon was exaggerating somewhat here.  It certainly wasn’t “nothing”).

Roger and Fran face a challenge in this book as well.  I can’t tell you how glad I am that it wasn’t solved with magical rainbows and sparkly butterflies.  I’m sure that one way or another Roger and Fran will realise their dream but I did appreciate the sensitivity shown here by Simon (and by extension, the author).

Even after 5 years together, Simon and Dec still go at it like bunnies.  But because Simon and Dec are very private people, the lights are off (at least to us readers) and the door is firmly shut.  While I have some (entirely inappropriate) curiosities about their love life, it suits the book and the characters for this to be so.  There’s plenty of romance and affection and dialogue which show the depth of this couple’s relationship.   To sex it up would have done them a disservice I think.  Even though I’m usually pretty happy to read about sexing it up.  There are exceptions to every rule, as they say.

Simon, a self-described “Eeyore” is a funny guy.  Even when he’s miserable, he has a way of describing things which make me laugh.  Here are a couple of “Simon-ism’s” to whet your appetite.

“We’re super,” I said, and internally winced. Why on earth did I keep coming out with that? Soon I’d be riding on bicycles with the Famous Five, enjoying lashings of ginger beer and racially profiling gypsies.


“Really?” I asked, idly wishing that my life was like a wua-hua film so I could throw my letter opener at him and stab him in the forehead.

I did find myself asking if the media would be quite as interested in a relationship Heyward and Dec had had some 6 years earlier.  But, the media are weird.  It’s not quite as salacious as when Wayne Carey porked his teammate’s wife in a cupboard at a party (true story) but when Kurt Tippett decided to defect (the traitor!) to Sydney from the Crows everyone here went nuts, so really, it could happen.

The book is peculiarly Australian – there are plenty of references to Australian TV shows, sights and culture which I wonder if non-Australian readers will fully understand.  But as I am an Australian it didn’t bother me at all. 

It saddened me to realise that Simon and Dec had to be so careful about something as innocuous as holding hands in public.  It’s not a reality that heterosexual couples encounter.  Simon and Dec are welcome to visit me anytime and they can hold hands as much as they want to at my place.  Hug even.

Simon, as usual, gets himself into a series of sticky situations which made me laugh out loud.  It was a pleasure to spend time with these people again. It felt like visiting old friends.   Oh, how I had missed them.  Note to Sean Kennedy:  When marriage equality finally makes it Down Under, will you please write a short story another book so we can see Simon and Declan get married?

What else? You really need to have read Tigers & Devils before reading Tigerland.  I read T&D before I started writing reviews but one of these days I will do a re-read and be more explicit about why it’s so excellent. In the meantime, just trust me.  Go read them both.

Grade:  B/B+

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21 comments on “Tigerland by Sean Kennedy & Giveaway

  1. Tam

    I hope I get a chance to read this soon. My life is so insane these days, I barely have time to read anything but that which is absolutely required, not so much for fun. *sob* Glad to hear it's up to snuff. 😉

  2. Brie

    I'm off to buy this one right now. I'll be back when I finish it 😉

  3. Mandi

    I'm reading this with one eye open because I'm going to start it later today. So excited though!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    I've got both these on my to buy list, ready for the new release date and having some money in my book fund!!So, thanks for the giveaway chance.SuzeLittlesuze at hotmail dot com

  5. Gigi

    Loved 'Tigers and Devils', can't wait to read this one. Please count me in. Thanks.gisu29(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. Jyl22075

    I would love to read this one! I have heard such good things about the first book. Jyl22075 at gmail.com

  7. Nicole L.

    Please include me! I loved the first 🙂

  8. Nicole L.

    Sorry, I forgot the email:m.lanz28(at)ymail(dot)comSilly me!

  9. Anonymous

    I loved Tigers and Devils with all of Simon's quirks. I heard Sean Kennedy released a second edition with minor changes of it as well last month so I'm hoping to read that too at some point. I got so excited when I heard about a sequel so I hope I'll get a chance to read it soon.emily_y53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  10. Michelle

    I've heard good things about these books but never read them…please count me in. Thank you.chellebee66(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. Loveless3173

    OMG!! Yes, Yes! Please count me in!! My friend raves about this book. Sadly, I haven't read the first either but I would love the chance to win!!Thank you so much for the giveaway!!Judiarella3173_loveless@yahoo(dot)com

  12. Anita

    Thanks for the giveaway!'Tigers and Devils' is on my to-read list. Please count me in!!!anita.jennings@sbcglobal.net

  13. Marg

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  14. tori

    I want to read them both, more so now that you told me my romance card will be revoked if I don't. *gasp* :)smexysidekick at gmail dot com

  15. Juliana

    Congrats on the new sequel! OceanAkers @ aol.com

  16. Brie

    I'm back! And I regret to tell you that I didn't like the book. To be honest I couldn't even finish it. I was bored because nothing really happens. It felt like a very long epilogue, not real substance or conflict, at least until the 60% mark, which is where I stopped reading (if you tell me it gets much better I'll give it a 2nd chance). But Simon, a character I found charming and witty in T&D, was annoying and whiny in this one. I don't know what happened, maybe I was a victim of my own expectations. Should I keep reading? I'm not feeling the love 🙁

  17. Kaetrin

    @Brie I'm sorry this one didn't work for you. I think it might be for the same reasons that you didn't like Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City and I did? I agree that the conflict was essentially the same conflict, 3 years further on and in an ideal world, I would have liked a different conflict altogether, but I enjoyed the characters so much that I was happy to spend time with them. If you didn't like it a 60% I'm not sure the rest will do much for you though. 🙂

  18. Marg

    I ended up reading the first book over the weekend and really, really liked it!Now looking forward to finding out more about Declan and Simon!ozdiamondlil at gmail dot com

  19. Alex W.

    Please count me in for the giveaway. I adored Tigers and Devils!alexdwhitehall at g mail dot com

  20. scj

    Please count me in.scj_ger [at] yahoo.co.uk

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