Her Sexy Challenge by Sarah Ballance

Shirtless firefighter in turnout gear (from the waist down) holds a woman in jeans and long shirt up in the air, her hands on his shoulders.Why I read it:  This is one I bought recently for 99c.

What it’s about: (from Goodreads)  She might be the one fire he can’t put out…

Caitlin Tyler doesn’t do bridges—she just doesn’t know it until she lands her dream job and freezes halfway across her new town’s towering death span. Cue the cocky, infuriating fireman who goads her off the bridge. He’s hot, but he’s also exactly the kind of guy she wants to avoid…which she manages to do for a whole four hours.

Lt. Shane Hendricks is only two weeks away from leaving Dry Rock. He sure as hell doesn’t need to get involved with a woman he has to rescue twice in one day. The fact that she’s clearly annoyed by him doesn’t deter him from throwing down a challenge—one that proves hard to resist for all the wrong reasons.

They’re moving in different directions. Leaving should be easy, but falling for Caitlin might be the one fire he can’t put out…

What worked for me (and what didn’t):  I’ve heard many good things about Sarah Ballance’s writing and I’ve bought a few of her books when they’ve been on special but this was the first one I’ve actually read. Overall, I enjoyed the story but there were a couple of things which bothered me a little. Nonetheless, I have high hopes for the other Ballance books on the TBR of Doom.

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