Fantasy to the (Hyper) Extreme?

aka a kind of review and a rambling justification for why I like Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde.
As I start this post, I’m about halfway through the book but I wanted to start getting my thoughts down before they scattered.  Reaper’s Property was recommended to me by DA’s Jane.  She said it was “hardcore” and “intense and emotional” and she clearly loved it.  Her recommendation was not without caveats however – she noted:  “Anyway, warning warning warning. Know that you are getting an over the top sexist parade of MC full of violence and wrongdoing when you read this book”.
There has been comparison with Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Club (MC) books – I have 1 or 2 on my TBR but haven’t read any yet – I keep hearing about engaging stories but also poor grammar and sloppy/no editing and I’m kind of torn about taking the plunge in actually reading them because the latter things mean a lot to me.   This book, a little shorter than a KA book and better edited, lured me because of the promise of engagement and curiosity did the rest.  So I bought it.
I don’t usually like my heroes to be less than heroic.  Why then am I enjoying this book, where the hero is named “Horse” (yes, it’s after the size of his dick) and is a violent criminal?  It is this question I’m trying to answer and so my rambles begin.
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