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ScrewTheFagsScrew The Fags by Josephine Myles – B- This free short follows on from the events of Screwing the System.  I think it could probably be read as a stand alone and there aren’t really any spoilers in it but it does make much more sense if you’ve read the earlier story.  Screw the Fags picks up some 10 months after the end of the Screwing the System when Alisdair is trying to decide what to buy Cosmo for his birthday (which is on Valentine’s Day).  Cosmo wants a car and Alisdair agrees to buy him one if he quits smoking.  How Alisdair asists Cosmo to take his mind off his cravings is… novel. ;P  I liked it because it gave me a glimpse of the couple a bit further on in their relationship and showed me both how it had grown and also how it had settled.  It is only about 30 pages so it’s a quick read.  I enjoyed catching up with the pair and seeing a bit of their HEA. And I got a laugh out of the sex-yoga positions.


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