December Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

1001 in large font with Dark Nights underneath - the 00s of the numeral each have a B&W picture of a guy and a girlDream of You by Jennifer L. Armentrout – B  Dream of You is both part of the Wait For You series and the 1001 Dark Nights series (by multiple authors). Colton Anders is the elder brother of Reece Anders (hero in Fall With You) – both brothers are police officers; Colton is a detective and Reece is a patrolman. When Abby Erickson witnesses a brutal murder, Colton and his partner are assigned the case. Colton and Abby went to high school together. They weren’t exactly friends but they weren’t enemies either. Abby was dating Kevin, the man she married after graduation and they both moved away for college and then ended up in New York for work in publishing. Kevin was killed in a car accident four years before the book begins. After Abby was widowed, she moved back home to Philadelphia. She works as a freelance book editor and is only just starting to wake up and want to live for herself again. Even though she was with Kevin and completely loyal to him, Colton was gorgeous and she’d always had a secret crush on him.

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