December Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

Shirtless hot guy with wolf eyes superimposed over the lower section fo the cover, against a background of a full yellow moonMating the Huntress by Talia Hibbert – B+ A light-hearted, funny, sexy Halloween-themed novella full of girl power where, no matter that the trope is fated mates, consent matters.

Luke Anthony is a werewolf who has the scent of his mate in his nostrils. Unfortunately, Chastity Adofo, his mate, comes from a family of Huntresses and is planning on killing him to cement her place in the family. She alone of all of her sisters has not been allowed to hunt because a witch prophesied at her birth that her first kill would “rip out her heart”.

The world building is somewhat unique among the oeuvre and very feminist – the women do the hunting and the men of the family are all caretakers and deeply in touch with their emotions. In this universe werewolves are largely solitary and, until they meet their mates, are not sexual. Luke doesn’t get an erection until he smells Chastity (and thereafter, it basically won’t go away. Of course.)

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