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Hi All.  Kaetrin’s Musings is moving to a new web host.  That means there won’t be any new posts for a few days.  Wish me luck and fingers crossed I don’t break anything!  If you want to chat, hit me up on Twitter: @Kaetrin67

Moving House cc Erica_g

Photo courtesy of Erica_g via Flickr Creative Commons


I’ve recently transferred the blog from a Blogger platform to WordPress.  As far as my testing has shown, all the links work fine but if you have some trouble, please let me know and I will fix what needs fixing.

I’ve tested the new site on the iPad and other mobile devices.  It seems to be fine (although I had to turn my own phone to a landscape view to see the site properly) but if you have difficulty on a mobile device, I’d be happy to hear from you.  If there are problems, I will see what I can do about a more functional mobile site.  I am brand new to WordPress however, so I’d ask that you bear with me.

Any comments or feedback on the new site are welcome.  While I know that my visitors are not my beta testers for this site, if you do have some feedback, please feel free to share it.  Just like when you move into a brand new house, sometimes it is only by “living in it” for a while you can find the various bugs.

AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by Photo Dean

AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by Photo Dean

I hope this new site will be a robust platform for the blog.  Please feel free to look around the new place and settle in – as I don’t plan on moving platforms again!



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