November Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

Don't Stop BelievingDon’t Stop Believing by Gwen Hayes – B- This is a sweet and (a little bit but in a non-erotic way) sexy short about a grumpy recluse and the librarian he has been crushing on. When Adam’s car goes off the road in a snowstorm, Simon brings him home to his cabin to look after him and they finally have some conversation. The time frame is short and the grand gesture at the end a little treacly but I enjoyed the cast and the writing style. There was a bit of POV whiplash, for instance:

Simon groaned and took Adams lips. Sampling lightly, tasting, teasing. The kisses kept him off balance in the masculine cage Simon had made of his body. Was Simon holding back or was he just trying to drive Adam crazy? As the kisses veered away from Adam’s mouth to his cheek, his chin, Adam clenched. He wanted more. Needed more.

but I was able to follow the story and enjoy it anyway. Simon and Adam were pretty well drawn considering the short word count and I liked my 99c visit to the small Washington town of Silver Pines.

Plus, you gotta love a librarian book amirite?



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