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InAnotherLife**NB This review first appeared in the ARRA members newsletter in October 2014**

In Another Life by EE Montgomery is a very short story but it covers a lot of ground.  It’s a very stylised work, with glimpses of the main characters for short periods every eight years.  It begins with Eli and Mike at 24, living together and just at the start of their careers. Because each of them is so busy, their relationship suffers and the story starts when Mike leaves and Eli is devastated.   Fast forward eight years and they encounter one another again but Eli lets Mike believe he is with someone else. There is still attraction but also (especially from Eli) great pain.  A further eight years pass and Mike finds Eli drinking heavily (in celebration over a friend’s good health news) and takes him home and looks after him (yes Kat, this is a vomit book).  There is a strong connection between the characters but the story is so short it doesn’t have much chance to develop.  We cover 24 years in about 20 pages.  Eli and Mike have never stopped loving each other it seems, but there is a lot of hurt and baggage to be dealt with before they can have their HEA. For me, I think I would have appreciated the story more if I had been able to spend more time with the characters. As it was, I did feel their connection and Mike’s guilt for the decision he regrets and the pain it caused Eli. I enjoyed the secondary characters of Quinn and Jerry as well.  The story was a quick read and in a very short time the author captured my interest. I wished it were longer.


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CrashIntoYouNorthern Star

 In November, I’ll have reviews of Crash Into You by Katie McGarry and Northern Star by Ethan Day and more.


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