February Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

Long view of a Regency style man with a top hat on top of a carriage driving into a fiery sunset mistWhere Serpents Sleep by CS Harris, narrated by Davina Porter – B+ I’ve been glomming the audiobooks of the Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries since just before Christmas. This is book 4 in the series. When I started listening, being an inveterate romance reader, I read the blurbs ahead and realised that the enduring love interest I needed to support to get my HEA fix was Hero Jarvis. In this book, things happen (at last) but we are still a long way away from any kind of HEA. I’m currently listening to book 6 and it may well be that way at the end of this one actually – but I have faith!!

I have been thoroughly enjoying not just the romantic threads though. The history in the series is rich and the mysteries are engrossing. In this one, eight young women are murdered and Hero asks for Sebastian’s help in first, identifying “Rose” the woman who died in Hero’s arms and then solving the crime. I was aided by my lack of knowledge about that particular period of English political history; I really didn’t know what was going to happen next. I did go and look things up afterwards and then I was impressed about the way the author weaves historical fact into her fiction.

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