A Shocking Delight by Jo Beverley

AShockingDelightWhy I read it:  I bought it because: Jo Beverley and because: Company of Rogues. Duh.

What it’s about: (from Goodreads)  The man she shouldn’t want. The woman he shouldn’t marry…

David Kerslake, smuggling master from The Dragon’s Bride, is now Earl of Wyvern and must survive the ton as well as the Preventive Officers.

Lucy Potter, daughter of a wealthy merchant, is more interested in trade than in the men after her dowry. When forced to have a London season, she sets out to enjoy herself rather than to find a husband. But once she meets the notorious Earl of Wyvern, her resolve weakens, and when they kiss, it dissolves—even though her instincts warn he’s dangerous.

Wyvern has a dark secret, which means he must win a rich bride. Lucinda Potter seems ideal. Not for her beauty and her lively charm, but because at first meeting she seems unlikely to realize the truth.

As he comes to know her, however, as they spar and kiss, he realizes she’s too clever and honest by far. Marrying Lucy would mean living a lie with the woman he has come to love….

What worked for me (and what didn’t):  It’s been 7 years since I read a Rogues book.  Not all  of the Rogues feature here and most of them aren’t on page very much. Nicholas Delaney does his usual machinations to make things turn out right but once he’s done his deed, he’s out of the story too.  It was nice to visit with the Rogues again but I can’t say this book was particularly memorable for me.  There wasn’t all that much keeping Lucy and David apart and when they are faced with a problem, acting like the sensible adults they are, they talk about it frankly – and the obstacle is thus quickly resolved.  That meant, as much as I appreciated they were grown ups who could communicate, the tension quotient in the story was low.

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