June Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

pink-washed black and white pic of a white woman with white and black titles, the title of the book is in tealDream Maker by Kristen Ashley, narrated by Susannah Jones – B It’s a lot like the Rock Chick books. I liked it. Sure, there’s some gender essentialism and alpha he-man nonsense but it is a bit toned down from the earlier books and I was able to mostly overlook it. Mag even recycles! There were some things that didn’t make a lot of sense; for example, Evan is a stripper who makes pretty good tips and she dances for 8 hours a shift at Smithy’s – so her repeated references to being unfit confused me. Similarly, I was surprised that she didn’t know who Daisy was given that Daisy hangs out with the Smithy’s girls (or, at least, she did).

Of course there is a lot of over the top ridonkulousness but that’s exactly what I expected and what I wanted. Mag (aka Danny) was all in for Evan from the beginning and that is catnip for me.

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