Favourites of 2016

I’ll be posted my favourites out of the DA-reviewed books over there and my favourite audiobooks reviewed at AudioGals will be going up over there – but this is where I mention the books I read and loved and reviewed here. Most of my favourites this year were reviewed at Dear Author or AudioGalsĀ as it happens but there were two books which I reviewed only here and which stood out to me so much that they deserved to get a special mention.

hot pink cover with author's name and title appearing as cutouts showing a girl's face laughing (I think - she could be screaming but I think she's laughing).

red/orange/yellow space explosions, with "excerpts" from files for title, author names and blurb by Marie Lu

Completely different books but both brilliant – and also: Australian for extra bonus points. You can read my review of Summer Skin here and of Illuminae here.

I wish you all the joy of the festive season. However you celebrate, if you celebrate, stay safe and stay strong. Catch you in 2017.

~ Kaetrin ~


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