New Email Subscription Service & Updated Privacy Policy

magnifying glass with PRIVACY in red in the lens, outside of the magnifying glass in a kind of crossword pattern are other words, such as protection, security, defence, safety, secrecy, rights, individual and personal

With the introduction of the GDRP in the EU it seemed like a good time to update my Private Policy. You can find it here.

Also, I have cancelled my previous email newsletter subscription service. I was getting a lot of spam subscribers (why??) and I wasn’t confident it was GDRP compliant.

picture of a yellow mailbox and the words E newsletter in blue

I have now signed up with Mail Chimp. As far as I could tell, the only way to get a GDRP compliant form onto the blog was via a popup. I am NOT a fan of popups. I hope I have alleviated some of the annoyance of it by setting (I think!) it to pop up after 20 seconds and not immediately. And, I’m told by Mail Chimp that once the pop up is seen, it won’t be seen again for at least a year if the visitor accepts/keeps the cookie which will be loaded after it pops up.  If Mail Chimp offers a GDRP compliant option that is not a pop up in the future, I’ll switch to that.

May Round Up

Monthly Mini Review

white couple embrace against a London city backgroundAct Like It by Lucy Parker – A- I admit I was far too late to the party on this book. However, just because I was late doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate.

I’ve read a review recently which indicated that some of the theatre stuff depicted in the book isn’t accurate but as I have no idea how theatre works it wasn’t at all a barrier for me. I am a big fan of witty banter and I loved what I got in Pretty Face. And I found more of the same here (even though Act Like It was written first). Grumpy heroes are also made of win for me and the fake relationship trope is a modern kind of marriage of convenience and I am so here for it.

I enjoyed the humour of the book, not just evident in the dialogue. Lucy Parker’s sense of humour and mine obviously mesh well. (Clearly we are meant to be BFFs. Sadly she lives in New Zealand and we have only “met” on Twitter.)

His house was far too big for one person. It took so long to get to his bedroom that he was lucky he was sexy or the mood might have waned.

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