Captive Prince by CS Pacat: An interview with the author

Captive Prince CS PacatPenguin Australia contacted me recently to ask me if I’d review Captive Prince, which releases today.  I first read Captive Prince Vol1 and Captive Prince Vol2 (now renamed Prince’s Gambit) back in March 2013.  I reviewed them both together then and I loved them.    Here is a link to my review. Even though it’s about the first two books I don’t think it’s too spoiler-y but I can’t vouch for the comments and links.  The books received lively discussion at the time and there were many wonderful and spoilerific discussions.

I loved the books and I’m so excited to see a m/m fantasy series being released into the mainstream.   I wanted to promote the series, even though I rarely do promo here. (The author is also Australian for extra bonus points.)  When Penguin offered an interview, I agreed and then I wracked my brains for interesting questions.  I had help from Janine Ballard from Dear Author and Brie from Romance Around the Corner.  Thank you ladies.  Your questions were the really good ones.

Thank you also to CS Pacat who made all of the questions look really clever. Thanks also for your comprehensive answers and good luck with the books! I hope they sell bazillions.

And now, without further ado, the interview:

I read Captive Prince Vol1 and Vol2 when it was first released electronically (and loved them). Has much changed in the Penguin version?

The biggest change is that the additional “bonus chapters” that came with the first release will be included in the paperback edition in the US, and in the ebooks in Australia.In every other regard, Penguin wanted to respect the original editions as much as possible, so the changes are minimal, just a sentence tweak here or there.

You clearly had an overarching plan for the trilogy and one of the joys of reading it was seeing things recast as new information came to light. You obviously knew all the backstory already but you didn’t want to let on too early.  How tricky was that to pull off for you? Or, was it just organic? 

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