#RomBkLove Day 18: Speak to Me of Love

Blue graphic with books and a book light and the title: Day18: Romance audiobooks and #RomBkLove in English

When I thought about how best I could contributed to #RomBkLove almost my first idea was romance audiobooks with a focus on narrators. For those of us who love romance audio, we know it’s all about the narrator. A fantastic narrator can lift an okay book and make a great book come to life in new ways. I’ve said before that audio is a transformative medium. The listener experiences the story through the lens of the characterisation, tone, pacing and pitch of the narrator. When they get it right, it’s magic.

There are many brilliant narrators. My list of favourites is long but I’ve chosen just 6 to highlight today, paired with some of my favourite audiobooks from their catalogues.

On adaptations and ambiguity – Big Little Lies on TV and by the book

HBO TV series tie-in cover of Big Little Lies featuring upper faces of Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon & Shailene Woodley - aka Celeste, Madeline & JaneI watched the HBO mini-series of Big Little Lies recently and was completely blown away by it. I was also a little curious after watching, particularly about where the book different from the TV show and what extra characterisation might be found in it. Rather than try and find the time to read it, I bought the audiobook, narrated by Caroline Lee. Perhaps because I listened to the book for a specific purpose rather than to listen to a story, I found that listening enhanced my enjoyment of the TV show retrospectively (and made me want to watch it again) and conversely, I found that the TV enhanced my enjoyment of the audiobook because I could see the scenes playing out in my mind as I’d seen them on TV.

I had a number of thoughts about what was different and what worked better. To discuss them however, it is necessary to give away spoilers. This is your official spoiler warning. Proceed beyond here at your own risk!

A conversation about Kristen Ashley and Walk Through Fire – with Ana, Michele, Gisele & me

Some friends and me did a kinda-sorta buddy read of Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley (it wasn’t entirely synced – I had to play catch up but the ladies kindly waited for me). After, we met in a Google document to share our thoughts about Kristen Ashley books in general and Walk Through Fire in particular. Here it is, at Immersed in Books by Ana Coqui. Thank you to Ana for organising the shared document and hosting the post.

Walk Through Fire

I’ll have my own slightly more detailed review of Walk Through Fire going up here in a few days. I’ll add a link when it’s live.

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