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black and white blurry picture of a dark-haired man's head and shoulders leaning back against a glass shower door.Third Rail by Santino Hassell – B This free collection of short stories is a super hot mmm menage – but it’s not the whole story so don’t expect a resolution or HEA here. It’s more in the way of a prequel I suppose, as Chris, Aiden and Jace get their HEA in Citywide I believe. I have all of Mr. Hassell’s Five Boroughs series on my TBR but haven’t read any of them yet. While I didn’t have any trouble following the story, I expect those who have read the series will appreciate Third Rail even more because the characters will be familiar.

Mr. Hassell had a different style than I’m used to reading – a colloquial language I haven’t seen before but which I nevertheless understand to be authentic. It took a little getting used to but it also gave a particular New York colour to the story and I found it immersive. Which goes to show that moving outside one’s comfort zone and trying new things can often be rewarding. I really must find time to read the earlier books in the series but I have Citywide for review and I’ll definitely be reading about how Chris, Jace and Aiden get their HEA.

Third Rail probably fits more comfortably in erotica than romance (nothing wrong with that) but the hotness is paired with real connection between the characters. I knew going in that these were shorts that didn’t tell the complete story and so I wasn’t disappointed with the ending – it wasn’t held out as a romance and I didn’t expect it to be complete. Also, did I mention it was super hot?


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Tattooed, abtastic shirtless hot guy wearing dog tags with his hands in his hair

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black and white pic of the head and shoulders of a hot guy in a grey t-shirt side on to the camera, with the title in gold 1001 Dark Nights branded book with black and sky blue snowflake/triangle pattern. The 00 from 1001 have a picture of a muscual abtastic torso and laughing blonde girl respectively.

Reviews of these books will be up soon at AudioGals.


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