Unprecedented DABWAHA happenings!!

OMG!  AMAZEBALLS  I am currently in the lead of the DABWAHA tournament.  This has NEVER happened before and will likely NEVER happen again so I’m milking it for ALL IT’S WORTH.

As a Dear Author reviewer I don’t think I’m eligible to actually win but bragging rights are happiness-causing 😀

Lookee here:  Proof!!


Click to embiggen

Also, everybody should go vote for Dare You To and keep me in the lead!! 😀

10 comments on “Unprecedented DABWAHA happenings!!

  1. Chris

    WOW. That’s very cool! 🙂


  2. Kaetrin

    @Chris: This has never happened before!! Usually I am somewhere near the bottom of the pack but not quite bad enough to win the wooden spoon. I’m stoked! It won’t last so I’m enjoying it while I can. LOL


  3. Chris

    @Kaetrin: I haven’t done DABAWAHA for a few years, but yeah, I was always hovering in about the same spot. 🙂


  4. azteclady

    That’s so absolutely cool! And why can’t you win stuff? You are just a guest reviewer, right, not a site owner, so I’m not sure how that could disqualify you.

    (I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy down, but right above SBSarah, and that gave me a happy too)


  5. Kaetrin

    @azteclady: I tag my DA links here as “guest posts” but I am a DA reviewer. And I’m pretty sure no-one who reviews for either DA or SBTB is eligible to win. Which is fine because, frankly, reviewing at DA is worth more to me (in terms of fun and being able to reach a larger audience) than winning any of the DABWAHA prizes. And I completely understand that the competition not only has to be clean, but it has to have the appearance of being clean and if a DA reviewer were to win big prizes it would look hinky even though it actually isn’t. But perception is often reality for the casual viewer, so I totally get it.

    I will totally milk any bragging rights however!!


  6. azteclady

    Hats off to you, Kaetrin–and yes, perception is often reality.


  7. Pamela

    As a first-time DABWAHA entrant, I am basically in awe of you. Even the second chance round seems utterly opaque and impossible to me! I thought I had a much better handle on how it was going to go, after my bracket totally tanked in the first rounds, but my second chance bracket fared no better. Congratulations!


  8. Kaetrin

    @Pamela: Thank you thank you! *bows* Really, I voted for the books I liked best and it was pretty arbitrary for the books I didn’t know (of which there were quite a few). Basically, it was sheer, dumb luck! 😀


  9. Marg

    Well done! My choices have all crashed so I am way down the list!


  10. Kaetrin

    @Marg: I’m just about to launch my campaign for the finals! I may as well have fun with it don’t you think? 😀


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